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We hold many titles in the punch bag game - such as being Amazon’s choice for Bull Doza Fight Wear Water Punch Bag and being featured in Men’s Health's top 12 punch bags tried and tested. All this aside, our priority always remains the same - to serve the martial arts scene with professional grade punch bags at reasonable prices!


We only bring our products approved by the professionals In the martial arts scene, which often involves shipping bags to other countries

The Choice of Champions!

There is a reason Champions, such as WBC Silver Middleweight Title Holder Sam Eggington, Heavy-Weight Bellator Fighter and Superior Challenger World Champion Ederson Cristian Macedo and Open World Champion Alex Moraru choose to train on Bull Doza Fight Wear Punch Bags!

Rubber Firm bag filler 20kg sack

It took us 3 years to find a suitable filler that met Bull Doza's high standards, resulting in an eco-friendly, safe to use recycled filler that's second to none. making the once-crazy-hard process of filling a punch bag super simple.


Mike Tyson, in his prime, loved the heavy, firm bag. Our eco-friendly rubber filler replicates that exact style of heavy bag.

Please take a look at our exciting range of products built for champions!

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Here’s what the pros and customers say


I'm a professional fighter for more than 15 years and I can say the Bull Doza Fight Wear water bag is great for those people who seek physical conditioning I use the 19”. It’s a very resistant bag, and due to its absorbing nature it’s really useful for me being a heavy weight as it allows me to really release the powerful combos without flying all over the place I highly recommend it check out my instagram @edersonlionofficial to watch me regularly smash up my 19” Bull Doza water bag.

Ederson Cristina Macedo
Heavy Weight Bellator Fighter, Brazil - 19” Water Punch Bag

I really like the Bull Doza Fight Wear Water bag for my martial arts training it does not matter if Its punched by me or my 20 stone husband it seems to simply absorb all punches in the same way I’m really happy I picked the 19” as is great for using indoors as it does not swing around at all I really like this Water Bag and it has replaced my existing punch bag and would totally recommend it I’m also a big fan of the Bull Dozs Fight Wear heavy duty hanger - where has this been all my life it makes hanging simple anywhere!

Ayelet Fernandez
19” Water Punch Bag + 3ft Heavy Bag Hanger

Correct punch bags is like a correct wand for a wizard it is so important to have long lasting top quality punch bags for my classes and for my personal fight training as a professional fighter we have a Tank Bull Doza Fight Wear punch bag which we filled ourself to weigh 100kg and a Water Punch bag from this company and the kit is amazing they have lasted over a year and have been used by me and all my students, give me a follow on instagram @Alexmoraru to see just how much we use the Bull Doza Fight Wear Bags and I would recommend every gym to get them as they are honestly great.

Alex Moraru
Owner of AM FIGHT CLUB - Romania - Tank Punch Bag

I regular train on the 16" Bull Doza Fight Wear water punch bag, it's great for training sharp fast combos and for power punches which I use in the ring and let's me work a lot more angles then traditional bags and has held up perfectly for over half a year so far so I absolutely rate the Bull Doza Fight Wear water bag!

Sam Eggington
WBC Silver Middle Weight Champion, United Kingdom - 16” Water Punch Bag

Arrived swiftly (I purchased the 16”), great quality and very robust. Have hit it and thrown it about a lot whilst hanging it from a tree and it shows no signs of damage or weakness. Filled approx. 70% full, and then weighs 25kg. Hangs nicely from a tree, and as i have to carry it from my house to hang it each time i use it, this is a good compromise weight between weight and portability. I am not a great boxer by any means, and am still learning, but this provides a great workout and good resistance for me. Brilliant fun to hit and a great core and power workout tool.

Chris Herrin
United Kingdom - 16” Water Punch Bag

I have lived and breathed Muay Thai for the last 25 years and 4 months ago we acquired the Jumbo Tank Bull Doza Fight Wear Punch Bag and i know a thing or two about punch bags and this bag is just a beast me and all my students pound it in every session and it just makes such a great addition to our gym I can certainly recommend the Bull Doza bags. If you are ever in cambridge uk come to train some Muay Thai and have a go on the Huge Bull Doza Bag - www.muaythaiboxingcambridge.co.uk - watch us on Instagram regular using the Bull Doza bags in our classes @muay_thai_boxing_cambridge

Jaroslaw Maryszczak
Owner of Cambridge Muay Thai - United Kingdom - 4ft Jumbo Tank Punch Bag

Im a competent striker who loves power shots and the Bull Doza Fight Wear 19” water bag is the best for this - i leave it in all weather conditions and I absolutely blast the hell out of it with heavy combos and power shots it just absorbs them incredibly and feels like a sparring partners abbs  - I notice when the temperature gets cold it gets firmer but I just bring it in when freezing to re-soften but by far the best bag I’ve used!

Daniel Peterson
19” Water Punch Bag

Great bag to work on all different types of combinations. The bag is easy to set up and would recommend to anyone who is looking to purchase an aqua bag.

Bradley Savage
United Kingdom - 19” Water Punch Bag

My new bag to train for my next fight

Steve. K
United Kingdom - 16” Water Punch Bag