16” Pro Water Punch Bag - 33kg (72lbs)
16” Pro Water Punch Bag - 33kg (72lbs)
16” Pro Water Punch Bag - 33kg (72lbs)
16” Pro Water Punch Bag - 33kg (72lbs)
16” Pro Water Punch Bag - 33kg (72lbs)
16” Pro Water Punch Bag - 33kg (72lbs)
16” Pro Water Punch Bag - 33kg (72lbs)
16” Pro Water Punch Bag - 33kg (72lbs)
16” Pro Water Punch Bag - 33kg (72lbs)
16” Pro Water Punch Bag - 33kg (72lbs)
16” Pro Water Punch Bag - 33kg (72lbs)
16” Pro Water Punch Bag - 33kg (72lbs)
16” Pro Water Punch Bag - 33kg (72lbs)
16” Pro Water Punch Bag - 33kg (72lbs)

16” Pro Water Punch Bag - 33kg (72lbs)

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Award Winning Bull Doza Fight Wear Water Punch Bag

Bull Doza Fight Wear
 was born from our desire to offer everyone the chance to be better and overcome any weakness. Our gym gear is designed by professionals and for professionals who never give up. Traditional punching bags allow you to practice many moves, but how they are designed limits your ability to train as hard as you want. That is why we have developed an advanced water punch bag that takes advantage of punch absorption and allows you to practice a broader range of moves, including uppercuts and Dempsey rolls.

Our Bull Doza Fight Wear Water Punch Bags are made of extra-thick vinyl that ensures continuous durability. With their unbelievable punch absorption ability, our water bags provide less inertia than traditional punchbags, so you can practice different moves with less strain on your joints, allowing you to train harder for longer.

Key Features:

  • Size: Medium, 16-inch (400mm);
  • Weight 33kg (72lbs) 
  • Waterproof and UV resistant;
  • Comes with a 12mm steel D-shackle, filling instructions, and hose pipe nozzle (chain not included, hanging devices sold separately);
  • Designed by professionals for professionals;
  • Ideal for a multitude of training needs

Your Set-Up: The complete set includes a 16" (40cm) Bull Doza Fight Wear Water Punch Bag, a 12mm steel D-shackle, a hose pipe-filling nozzle, and detailed instructions (chain not included). When fully filled, the water punching bag weighs 33kg (72lbs) and can be partially filled for a personalised weight, workout, and firmness. Please note sizes are top to bottom (longest size).

Heavy-Duty Design: Our water punch bags are made of the highest-grade vinyl that ensures more durability and resilience. The ultra-thick vinyl material allows our water bag to remain rounder all year round for more practicality. The bag is UV resistant and waterproof, which makes it very reliable and long-lasting, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Optimal Solution: Train like never before with the Bull Doza Fight Wear water bag! Unlike anything else on the market, this head hunter punching bag is designed for uppercuts, Dempsey rolls, and other demanding exercises that can help you to improve your strength and reach your fitness goals. Slightly larger than a human head for realistic precision training whilst still being able to absorb substantial power shots.

Approved by Professionals: The unique design of our water punching bag absorbs your punches, allowing you to train harder and longer. The punch absorption and additional weight ensure much less movement than a traditional punching bag, so you can develop new and powerful combos that would not have been feasible with other equipment. Our bags are suitable for indoor professional boxing gyms.

Please Note: Use of this bag is at your own risk. It must only be used by individuals who have been trained in correct striking technique and who are wearing appropriate clothing and equipment, including gloves and wrist wraps. In winter and cold weather always test the firmness before every use, we strongly advise to not use it when very firm, if the bag goes very firm simply bring it back to room temperature to allow the bag to become soft again. Although our water bags are as strong and durable as they come, no product can guarantee 100% perfection in every single case. A leak is highly unlikely but, as with any water-filled product, we strongly advise hanging the bag in a secure location, away from valuable items and sensitive areas to minimize any potential risks. The bag must be mounted to a very strong surface, e.g. stone or metal. The mount point should be professionally installed and rated for the weight of the bag. Please ensure that once the bag is hung, there is nothing nearby that could damage or be damaged by the swing of the bag.

Train harder than ever before with our Water Punch Bag!



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