Pro Matt Black Innovative Air Chamber Hard Plate Body Shield
Pro Matt Black Innovative Air Chamber Hard Plate Body Shield

Pro Matt Black Innovative Air Chamber Hard Plate Body Shield

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Pro Matt Black Microfibre Innovative Air Chamber Hard Plate Body Shield

This Body Shield can be Punched Hard - Pad Holders thank us later.

(Identical to our Pro+ Body-Shield - just in a Matt Black Finish)

John Gillies (it’s the best body pad I’ve ever used) coach to a WBC champion, UFC fighter and one championship fighter. (This legendary trainer does not sugarcoat anything and says everything as is).


Structure starting from punch side to Pad Holder (Front)

Durable Microfibre Matt Canvas - High-Quality Firm Padding - Air Chamber - Distribution Hard Plate - High-Quality Padding - Happy Pad-Holder.


Structure (Back)

Secure wide (comfy) none, scratch velcro backing and heavy-duty nylon tightening fasteners with quick-release buckles (this pad can fasten up snugly to your body, resulting in no more readjusting mid punches. It’s super comfortable and tailors to all body sizes with the quick adjustable buckles. It’s super simple and comfortable.


Built to ensure pad holder still has mobility to still move with shoulders and neck being fully mobile, unlike other body shields, whilst covering more than just a tiny belly pad, allowing you to become the coach, which helps your students to practice proper body shots.

Discover the future of strike absorption with our revolutionary Body Shield. Our cutting-edge design has received outstanding feedback from the most experienced pad-holders, and we’re excited to offer you the chance to own one.

 Why Choose Our Belly Pads?

  • Innovative Design: Features firm padding, an air chamber, and a rigid plate wrapped by premium padding to distribute strikes effectively.
  • Secures Tightly: No need to re-arrange in between each body shot like most body pads thanks to the engineering of the fast comfortable adjustable back. 
  • Superior Strike Absorption: Our unique construction makes absorbing strikes significantly different from usual pads, providing unparalleled comfort.
  • Enhanced Striking Experience: Allows strikers to punch the body shield hard, offering a fantastic striking experience while ensuring the Pad-Holder is looked after.
  • Lightweight and Flexible: Designed to be lightweight and secure, it fits comfortably on all builds without disturbing shoulder movement, allowing full range of motion.
  • Tested by Experts: The most experienced pad holders have praised our belly pads, noting they can barely feel the strikes (though you may feel a little as no body shield can offer complete protection, the feedback has been unreal).



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