Women in Boxing

Women in boxing has been on the rise since 2009 when it was announced that women’s boxing would be included in the 2012 Olympics, and it’s not stopped since. According to the Amateur boxing Association of England, the number of registered female boxers has increased by more than a quarter since the announcement was made.

Women in Boxing

The benefits of boxing to woman are not something to be sniffed at, with benefits most commonly associated with boxing including increased agility, strength, stamina and improvements in mental health and well-being it’s no wonder that woman are pushing the boundaries of this notoriously male dominated sport.

Boxing Punch Bags

With the traction women’s boxing has gained in recent years, local female boxing clubs have continued to pop up more and more in local areas with many gyms creating a more welcoming and diverse environment to support their female members train like champions on there state of the art punch bags. The Tokyo Olympics showcased this, with strong female athletes of this generation demonstrating what hard work and commitment on punching bags can really create when given the right tools and equipment such as aqua bag punch bags speed balls.

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