What Size Punch Bag Is Right For Me?

One of the post frequent questions we get asked here at Bull Doza Fight Wear is what size punch bag is right for me? Although there is no set answer to this, as this it often depends on your personal goal, below is some guidance to help you find the perfect bag for you!

1.What weight can you wall/ceiling support? This is often the deciding factor for most people of what size bag you end up purchasing. Below is the average weight for our bags for guidance when they are completely full. Please also take into account the extra weight of any chain you may use to hang/secure your bag!

What weight can you wall/ceiling support?

2. How big/tall are you? If you are  on the flyweight end of the scale, then our 12” or  16” is most likely perfect for you. If you are leaning towards the heavyweight of the scale, then our 16” and above is what you most likely will need!

How big/tall are you?

3. What is you person training goal? If you aim is reaction training and striking moving targets, then our 12” is perfect for you. If building strength and packing some extra power with those punches, then our 16” (takes huge shots with minimal movement whilst being space efficient) 19” and 22” are going to give you the best results. If you’re still not sure of what your goal is, check out our ‘blog posts and videos  to help you unlock your full potential! 

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