Top Tips for Beginners

1. Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect

The most important thing to remember is that practice makes perfect, and everyone has to start out somewhere. Practicing basic jabs with the punch bag is a great place to start. When you start to up some confidence your technique will soon follow, and you will be able to expand your skill set.

2. Training


Trust your training! No one is perfect and it’s complete naturally to have areas that need improvement for any beginner (and professionals!). Embrace your weaknesses during training with the punching bag and throw everything you’ve got at them to learn and grow comfortably in the knowledge that all the training will start to pay off soon enough!

3. Every day is a Learning Day

Professional boxers with years of experience will tell you that there is always room to learn! Boxing is the perfect sport to keep you humble, no matter if you’re going a few rounds on the boxing bag or in the ring. Take as much as you can from every round and learn from it!

4. Challenge Yourself

Everyone has an area that they shine in, this might be stamina on the punch bag or some amazing footwork (our aqua punch bags are perfect for this!) but to get the most out of yourself you have to be prepared to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and push yourself! Challenging yourself is the best way to gain skill and technique and train like a Bull Doza Fight Wear Champion!

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