The Ultimate Jumbo Heavy Bag for Serious Training

Prepare to be amazed by the sheer size and craftsmanship of our jumbo-sized 4ft Heavy-Duty Self-Fill Punching Bag. This colossal punching bag is not just durable; it's designed to be the ultimate heavy bag, making every training session a true test of strength and endurance.



Built to Last:

Our punching bag boasts premium craftsmanship, featuring an extra-strong outer canvas fabric reinforced with durable stitching, an indestructible internal woven lining, and solid, thick stainless steel hanging accessories. It can handle heavy fills of up to 100kg/220lbs, ensuring it lasts through endless training sessions.


Target Precision with the Bull's Face Logo:

Our Bull Doza Fight Wear logo isn't just a design; it's a training tool. The distinctive bull's face with a clearly defined chin is the perfect target for precision training in boxing knockout (KO) shots. Whether honing your hooks or perfecting your straight rights, the bull's chin offers a visual guide, helping you develop the accuracy and power needed to deliver knockout punches. Train with purpose. Train with Bull Doza Fight Wear.


Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 122cm/48” (Bag Height), 60cm/23.5” (Diameter/Width)
  • Circumference: 188.5cm/74.2”
  • Stainless Steel Chain Setup: Adjustable from 35cm/14” to 70cm/27”
  • Total Height Including Chain Setup (At Maximum Length): 192cm/75”
  • Stainless Steel Chain Setup = 6 x thick chains, 2 x carabiner clips, and a 360-degree rotating swivel
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Ultra-tough exterior canvas fabric
  • Extremely strong interior woven lining
  • Double stitching throughout
  • 10 double-locked rivets per chain pad
  • 6 chain pads for superior support
  • Self-Fill Design: Save money and customise your bag's weight to your preference



Customise Your Punch Bag Fill:

Professionals favour self-fill Punch Bags for their adaptability. Our jumbo 4ft Heavy-Duty Self-Fill Punching Bag arrives unfilled, but fret not—detailed filling instructions are included. Here's a valuable tip: You can achieve the ideal fill by stuffing shredded fabric, small clothing cuts, or even reusing an old bag's contents. This budget-friendly and eco-conscious approach lets you tailor the bag's density to your liking. We also provide detailed filling instructions for those who want to increase the bag's weight (though it's not necessary with proper fabric compression as it can take around 80kg of just condensed fabric).


 Everything You Need:

Our complete set includes a commercial-grade punching bag that weighs 5kg/11lbs when unfilled and can hold up to 100kg/220lbs. You'll also receive a heavy-duty stainless steel 360-degree swivel, 6 x chains, and 2 x strong carabiner clips for easy installation and secure hanging.


Please Note:

The punch bag must be mounted to a very robust surface, e.g. stone or metal. The mount point should be professionally installed and rated for the bag's weight. It is your responsibility to fill the bag safely. Always wear wrist wraps and gloves when using your bag. If you use sand balls, ensure they are in the Center of the bag and surrounded by a softer material.


Train Like a Pro:

Whether you're a martial arts enthusiast looking to enhance your technique or a dedicated practitioner, our jumbo 4ft Self-Fill Punching Bag is essential for your training regimen. Our punching bags are not limited to a single discipline. They're perfect for fitness, cardio, taekwondo, kickboxing, Muay Thai, karate, boxing, MMA, and more.



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