The Power Puncher - Heavy Bag Drill

Six rounds, 3 minutes, 1-minute rest

Aside from teaching you how to increase your punching power with aqua punching bags and punch harder, this heavy bag training drill will also be great for those who need to let out some steam -- this is an effective drill focused on pure power.

Power Punching Bags

Prior to starting, make sure your hands are properly wrapped because you will most definitely need to protect your hands while doing this drill. Also, make sure you already have the technique down to throw a proper punch to avoid any unnecessary injuries. 

Here is the drill:

Aqua Punching Bags

In each round, you’ll focus on only one punch. You don’t want to throw punches in rapid succession—you want to focus on delivering one, powerful blow every time, with each punch you land being harder than the last. Bring yourself to full power and repeatedly deliver that power to the bag. Focus on hard punches and perfect form in this training session-- you will deliver each punch as hard as you physically can. 

Here is a breakdown of each round:

  • Round 1: Jab
  • Round 2: Cross, straight right (or, if you practice southpaw, straight left)
  • Round 3: Left Hook
  • Round 4: Right Hook
  • Round 5: Left Uppercut
  • Round 6: Right Uppercut

And here are the rules:

  1. Isolate every punch
  2. You must have perfect form each time
  3. Every punch must be thrown as hard as you can
  4. Avoid rapid succession
  5. Focus on movement and rotation in power punches
  6. Focus on the positioning of your knuckles, finding the angle that delivers the hardest blow

The last one is something most boxers aren’t really aware of. It's important to play with the angles of how your knuckles land to find that “sweet spot” that delivers the hardest punch. 

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