The best filler for a punch bag?

Shipping time may take 48 hours - Arrives in 20kg sacks - tear and pour.


20kg Eco-Friendly Heavy Rubber Filler - Tear-and-Pour - Pro-Grade Safe - Long-Lasting Frost-Resistant Black Rubber Punch Bag Filler Sack


It’s a game-changer, making the once-crazy-hard process of filling a punch bag super simple for a pro fill - plumps bag out in minutes.

It took us 3 years to find a suitable filler that met Bull Doza's high standards, resulting in an eco-friendly, safe to use, heavy weight, quick fill recycled filler that's second to none.

Please note:

  1. Due to its density and weight, you need to have a good quality punch bag canvas, such as a Bull Doza Fight Wear punch bag canvas, to support this filler. The 20kg sack measures 62x34x25cm, giving an indication of how heavy your bag will become and how many sacks you need.
  2. This filler is not for children; it is a serious filler for trained martial artists who have correct striking technique. It is precisely the style of fill that professionals seek, being firm and heavy, offering incredible uniform resistance throughout. This filler will replicate an opponent's abs, so correct form is essential. If you are not a trained martial artist, we recommend a lighter, fluffier filler.
  3. Made of recycled materials, contributing to a healthier environment while meeting the demands of professional training. And if you happen to find a blade of grass in the filler, consider it a thank you token from Mother Earth for your eco friendly purchase. But rest assured, the filler is perfect regardless.

Elevate your training with Bull Doza Fight Wear Pro-Grade Eco-Friendly Long-Lasting Frost-Resistant Black Rubber Punch Bag Filler. Crafted for perfection, this 20kg sack delivers unparalleled durability and performance, making filling a breeze. Simply tear and pour, and watch your bag transform into a pro-grade heavy bag in minutes (built to last as well). Engineered without wires or fibers, it ensures a safe training environment for all. The filler's firm, uniform texture offers superior resistance and a realistic striking experience, maximizing your skill development.

It’s truly the ultimate solution for transforming what was once an incredibly difficult task into an easy one, while delivering the best striking surface you could ask for (it fills the bag heavily and firmly in minutes, and is consistent and user-friendly, making it the all-around pro winning bag filler).


Our filler lasts for years, thanks to its frost-resistant and low-maintenance design. Packaged in industrial-grade sacks, delivery is a breeze. Simply buy as many sacks as you need, tear them open, and pour them into your punch bag. It's that easy! Plus, its excellent drainage properties keep the inside of your punch bag clean and happy. 

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Transform your workouts with Bull Doza Fight Wear Approved by the pros Rubber Grain Eco-Friendly Black Punch Bag Filler. It's not just a filler; it's a game-changer, making the once-crazy-hard process of filling a punch bag super simple for a pro fill.

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