The Benefits of An Aqua Punch Bag

The benefits of a Bull Doza aqua punch bag are far above many other products in the industry, and below we are giving you the full low down of why you won’t regret a purchase from us!

1. Full body work out

Full body work out
Boxing is one of very few sports that builds strength and stamina all at the same time. Our aqua punch bag only enhances this during a workout, to ensure you get the very best from your training every single time!

2. Water filled

Water filled
A water filled punch bag vs a traditionally filled punch bag also comes with its benefits. Overall, a traditional punch bag generally doesn’t absorb much shock from a punch, meaning your muscles tend to lag and you will often feel tired quicker. The aqua punch bag is much more shock absorbent on impact, meaning you can really throw those punches harder and for longer resulting in a fuller, more satisfactory workout!

3. Mind, Body & Soul

Aqua punch bags aren’t only beneficial for your physical strength, but the positive impact on the mind and soul are also impressive. Boxing and exercise are a brilliant stress reliever, which can help regulate mood, improve coping skills in high stress situations, whilst promoting better sleep and overall, a more positive outlook in day to day life!

4. Indestructible

Last but certainly not least, we take a huge amount of pride in our punch bags being virtually indestructible. We put our punch bags through rigorous product testing before they hit the market, and the results don’t lie. Check out the £10k Challenge we did in a commercial gym for an insight as to how much we were willing to bet on the integrity of our product!

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