The £10,000 Break the Bag Challenge!

The Bull Doza team have spent a day last week challenging members of Pure Gym Cambridge in the Grafton Centre to the ‘Break the Bag Challenge’ with a chance for challengers to win a prize worth over £10,000 including a signed Muhammad Ali glove as well as plenty of other prizes to show just how much confidence we have in our products. Let’s just say our bags and challengers did not disappoint!

Putting a selection of our Aqua Punch Bags to the test and showcasing one of our new bags coming to the market 2022, we let the members of Pure Gym in Cambridge Grafton Centre let loose for the ultimate test of strength! Even with the help of baseballs bats our bags were virtually indestructible, we never had any doubt! Check out our Youtube for a glimpse of what we’ve been up to!

Please note this challenge was only taking place on the one day which has already passed which had no winners, and we don’t recommend hitting our products with anything other than boxing gloves we videoed and did this challenge just to show the strength of our product but this challenge does not extend out to anyone who buys a bull doza fight wear product. Ie you wont receive a prize for breaking any of our products.

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