Choosing the Perfect Self-Fill Punch Bag Size to Weight?


Delving into the world of self-fill punch bags, it's crucial to understand not only the size differences but also the unique characteristics that make Bull Doza's Jumbo and Tank bags stand out. In this guide, we'll explore the distinctions between the two and shed light on the unparalleled benefits of stuffing a Jumbo bag with a light, soft filling.

Jumbo (60cm wide) vs. Tank (45cm wide): Size and Width Dynamics 

Our Jumbo and Tank punch bags offer distinct sizes and widths. The Jumbo bags, being wider, have a larger striking surface compared to the Tank bags. This difference in width translates to a unique striking experience, catering to various training preferences. 


4ft Jumbo (weight 85kg shredded fabric) in Action by Pro Muay Thai Fighter Milan -


4ft and 5ft Tank Range in Action -

Filling Dynamics: Weight and Striking Surface 

One notable aspect that sets our Jumbo bags apart is their capacity to hold significantly more filler than the Tank bags. This characteristic provides an opportunity to tailor the weight of the bag to your preferences. However, the key distinction lies in how you choose to fill them.


The Art of Jumbo Bag Filling: Light and Soft Superiority

While the Jumbo bags can accommodate a substantial amount of filler, there's a hidden gem in using a light and soft filling. Stuffing a Jumbo bag with this type of filler combines the weight of a heavy bag with a striking surface that's simply unmatched in beauty and responsiveness. (But you really need to stuff the filler in)


Striking Comfort and Surface Aesthetics 

The light and soft filling in a Jumbo bag not only provides a comfortable striking experience but also enhances the aesthetics of the surface. Your strikes are met with a responsive, yet forgiving surface, creating a training environment that feels both dynamic and satisfying.


Versatility in Training Styles

Whether you're into precise boxing techniques or powerful kicks, the versatility of a Jumbo bag with a light, soft filling caters to various training styles. It responds well to both fast, precise punches and the impact of forceful kicks, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a dynamic training experience.

Note: The tank range is better if you don’t have much space that said on the jumbo bags you can get multiple people to work the bag at the same time due to the large canvas.  

Where Weight Meets Striking Beauty

In conclusion, the choice between Bull Doza's Jumbo and Tank punch bags extends beyond size differences. The unique characteristic of the Jumbo bag lies in its ability to hold more filler, providing an opportunity to experiment with a light and soft filling. Elevate your training with the unparalleled combination of weight and striking beauty offered by Bull Doza's Jumbo bags. Explore the possibilities, customize your experience, and let your self-fill punch bag become a true reflection of your training journey with Bull Doza Fight Wear. 

Elevate Your Training with Bull Doza's Jumbo Bags!

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